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Sustainability and the circular economy on display in cultural events during Finland’s Presidency

Publication date 29.7.2019 9.00
News item
Archipelago, the tapestry by Kustaa Saksi
Josefina Eikenaar/TextielMuseum

Arts and culture help make the themes of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union more visible in Brussels. During its Presidency, Finland will highlight the EU’s role in combating climate change and advancing the transition to a climate neutral Europe. A versatile selection of Finnish artists’ work and a number of exhibitions will give the public a new view on sustainable development and the circular economy.

The Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi has created a 25-metre woven tapestry, Archipelago, which will bring Finnish biological diversity into the Europa Building hall in Brussels. This imposing artwork was commissioned for Finland’s Presidency, and it underlines the environmental and climate goals of the Presidency. According to Saksi, the tapestry is an abstraction of the four seasons in the Finnish archipelago. The theme reflects biological diversity and reminds us what we are protecting with the climate measures that are at the heart of Finland’s Presidency.

The circular economy is woven deep into the tapestry. One of the threads used to weave Archipelago is made from recycled plastic bottles. Using recycled materials is very apt, as one of the environmental priorities of Finland’s Presidency is to extend circular economy measures to all sectors from plastics to textiles and sustainable design.

The environment and the fragility of biodiversity in face of climate change are among the leading themes of the exhibition Keep Your Garden Alive due to open in the gallery Spazio Nobile in Brussels. The group exhibition of 18 Finnish arts and crafts artists will open in late September. The garden theme of the exhibition showcases the works of well-known and upcoming artists from Finland and reminds us that we must nurture our environment for the future generations. The works on display invite the visitors to contemplate the fragility of our environment and think about ways to protect it. Building a sustainable future is at the heart of Finland’s Presidency Programme.

Archipelago by Kustaa Saksi is on display in the Europa Building in Brussels until the end of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. The exhibition Keep Your Garden Alive is on display in the gallery Spazio Nobile in Brussels from 20 September to 22 December 2019.