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Energy Council discussed the new Commission’s energy policy priorities

Publication date 4.12.2019 17.30
News item
Photo: Mauri Vieru, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Energy ministers discussed clean energy, national energy and climate plans and the new Commission’s energy policy priorities for 2019–2024.

The meeting was chaired by Minister of Science and Culture Hanna Kosonen.

The ministers discussed smart sector integration at the EU level. This refers to the coordinated and flexible introduction of clean energy in different sectors of the economy, such as heating, industry and transport.

The ministers also discussed the draft national energy and climate plans required by the energy union governance regulation. These plans will allow the Commission to keep track of progress made in each member state in achieving the EU’s common energy and climate targets for 2030.

The Council invited the new Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson to present the Commission’s energy priorities for 2019–2014. The new Commission aims to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency, speed up the deployment of clean energy, and create incentives to scale up investment in clean energy. The member states had the opportunity to exchange views on the Commission’s priorities.

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Hanna Kosonen