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EU environment ministers discussed European Green Deal and biodiversity

Publication date 19.12.2019 18.30
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Photo: European union

The Environment Council convened in Brussels on 19 December to discuss the EU’s environmental and climate policy priorities for the coming years. The Council adopted conclusions that will offer guidance for the EU on halting the global loss of biodiversity.

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen chaired the meeting.

The Environment Council was the first Council configuration to which the European Commission presented the European Green Deal, which it announced on 11 December. The Green Deal is the Commission’s proposal on actions to rebuild the EU economy and solve the sustainability crisis.

Council adopted conclusions on halting biodiversity loss

The second topic of the meeting was protecting biodiversity. The Environment Council adopted conclusions on tackling biodiversity loss from 2020 onwards. The conclusions emphasise the need for urgent measures to protect and restore biodiversity and to promote nature-based solutions. They also underline the importance of ensuring adequate funding to achieve the objectives.

On the one hand, the Council conclusions are a message from EU Member States to the European Commission, which is preparing a new biodiversity strategy as part of the European Green Deal. On the other hand, the conclusions are also a message to the international community, which is due to agree on new post-2020 targets to halt biodiversity loss next year.

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Krista Mikkonen