Prime Minister Rinne discussed with EU Brexit negotiator Barnier

Government Communications Department 7.10.2019 16.24 | Published in English on 7.10.2019 at 18.56
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On Monday 7 October, Prime Minister Antti Rinne talked on the phone with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier about the UK’s situation.

“The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Barnier confirmed the view that the EU is still prepared to negotiate with the UK. However, the UK’s proposals do not offer solutions to all questions that remain open. With respect to Ireland’s situation in future, there are two main problems: the role proposed for the Northern Ireland institutions and the customs border arrangements,” Prime Minister Rinne says.

Prime Minister Rinne told Mr Barnier about his telephone conversation with the UK’s Prime Minister Johnson. Prime Minister Rinne had told Prime Minister Johnson about the understanding we have in Finland that the UK’s proposals will not ensure respect for Northern Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement, unity of the EU, and functioning of the Single Market. Prime Minister Rinne had also pointed out that a solution should be found in about a week’s time to enable the matter to be properly discussed at the October European Council. Chief negotiator Barnier thanked Prime Minister Rinne for communicating the EU’s position so clearly.

“We both agreed that the EU must continue to stand united with respect to the Brexit negotiations. I also reminded him that he still has the full support of all countries that will stay in the EU,” Prime Minister Rinne says. 


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