Visual identity can be recycled too: the 2019 logo for Finland’s Presidency takes elements from the previous design and adds something new

EU2019FI 21.5.2019 15.30
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Central to the visual identity created for Finland’s Presidency is the use of digital solutions and not physical materials. The logo has been created by recycling and revitalising the previous design.

The key elements of the logo are the graphic emblem developed from Finland’s 2006 Presidency logo and the new logo text ‘EU2019.FI’.

The clean-cut text symbolises a consistent and sustainable way of getting things done.

Animation brings logo to life

The design of the Presidency logo originates from the logo used in Finland’s previous Presidency. Thematically, the image represents growth, cohesion and transparency.

The logo appears in its animated form whenever appropriate. The logo animation can play a supporting role behind text and graphic elements, or a leading role as a dynamic animation.

Part of the image is always cropped out of view. Cropping the emblem and alternating between light and dark versions allows flexibility in the use of the logo for different purposes while also maintaining a consistent visual impression.

Finnish nature reflected in the colours

The colour scheme consists of two blues for the text, a background blue, white and black, and additional colours picked from the emblem. The font used in printed, web and other digital materials is Azo Sans, a font that further supports the clean design of the logo.

The visual identity is the work of graphic designer Timo Kuoppala, who also developed the corresponding designs for Finland’s 2006 Presidency.

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