EU transport ministers debated transport and climate change

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The Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council held an extensive policy debate on the issue of transport and climate change in Brussels on 20 September. The discussion focused on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

The chair of the meeting was Minister of Transport Sanna Marin.

The discussion was based on the EU’s long-term climate strategy. Finland aims to reach agreement on the main elements of the strategy by the end of 2019. The transport ministers addressed the issue of climate from the perspective of three transport sectors: land transport (road and rail), aviation and shipping.

The debate came after the European Council in June 2019 invited the Council and the European Commission to advance work on this topic. The long-term climate strategy will be discussed in several Council configurations at the end of the year.

Today's discussion was encouraging. It is clear that we need to do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions in order to stop global warming. And the transport sector must, and will, play a crucial role in this. There is a willingness across member states to make the most of a wide range of options: technological options, political options, changing our behaviour… No single solution is enough, but with the right policy mix and by embracing the opportunities provided by innovation and digitalisation, we will get there. Strong climate action is supported by Europeans, and is a top priority for the Finnish presidency. Our discussion today provides a good basis for further work towards carbon-free mobility and a carbon-neutral society.
Sanna Marin, Finland's Minister for Transport and Communications, chair of the meeting

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