6. Miksi Suomella on sopimus BMW:n kanssa?

Why does Finland have an agreement with BMW?

Transportation makes up a significant portion of the costs of the presidency. In general, the Member States do not have enough vehicles readily available, which is why all the presidencies in the last few years have had a partnership agreement on transportation equipment.

Following an EU-wide call for tenders, the Secretariat for Finland’s Presidency signed a partnership agreement with Oy BMW Suomi Ab. This is the only such agreement signed by Finland’s Presidency.

The contract was concluded in accordance with the Finnish Act (1397/2016) on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts. BMW fulfilled the conditions of the tender. These conditions included the size, colour, age (maximum one year) and emission standards (minimum €6) of the vehicles. BMW was the only company that submitted a bid.

Press release on the meeting arrangements

Finland had a partnership agreement with Volvo-Auto Oy during its previous presidencies in 1999 and 2006.