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Digitalisation in transport services

Europe needs client-oriented, smoothly running and interoperable transport services.

During its Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Finland will organise a Digital Transport Days conference in collaboration with the European Commission. The conference will feature digitalisation extensively in different modes of transport and highlight the European viewpoint to future transport solutions.

A MaaS Summit will be organised during the conference, where questions on and solutions to the ‘Mobility as a Service’ concept will be addressed particularly from the viewpoint of sustainability. A high-level conference, ‘Single European Sky’, on the management and control of European air traffic will also be organised during Finland’s Presidency in cooperation with the European Commission. The potential of digitalisation in managing airspace more effectively will also examined during the conference. 

Integrated travel chains as a goal

Digitalisation and servicification offer significant opportunities for sustainable growth and competitiveness in Europe. For this reason, we need to secure the conditions for adopting digital services in transport in the EU.

Promoting the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept across Europe is instrumental with a view to creating integrated travel chains. The regulation of mobility should be examined comprehensively, not just from the viewpoint of measures involving individual modes of transport.

General background

European Commission’s White Paper 2011: Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area

The European Commission’s report on the implementation of the 2011 White Paper on Transport "Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area (2016)

Public consultation on a possible initiative at EU level in the field of passengers rights in multimodal transport 23 February 2017 - 23 May 2017

However, the current Commission has not taken the initiative. New transport services are currently being developed very rapidly, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to form a comprehensive picture of the market.

The Commission’s study on  passenger rights in the multimodal context is expected to be completed in the course of autumn 2019. A summary of the study was published in February 2019.

The Commission has commissioned a study to investigate and provide a comprehensive and neutral analysis on the challenges of delivering EU-wide integrated ticketing and payment systems and what possible actions and initiatives at EU level could be taken to pursue this goal. The analysis is expected to be completed in autumn 2019.  A summary of the study was published in February 2019. 


Elina Thorström, Director of Markets Unit, Ministry of Transport and Communications, tel. +358 295 34 2393, [email protected]

Saara Reinimäki, Senior Specialist, Markets Unit, Ministry of Transport and Communications, tel. +358 295 34 2087, [email protected]