How to ensure the resilience of our societies in a changing european landscape – the interaction between democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights

This conference hosted by the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU will discuss the values on which the Union is based, in particular fundamental rights and the Rule of Law in connection with democracy.

What is the impact of various forms of disinformation on democratic processes? How should the Rule of Law tools of the EU be strengthened and developed? By what means could we promote the participation as a fundamental right in order to build inclusive societies where the voice of everyone is heard?

Organisers: Ministry of Justice, Prime Minister's Office

Contact persons:
Kaisa Tiusanen, Ministry of Justice, tel. +358 2951 50169
Hanna Rönty, Ministry of Justice, tel. +358 2951  50035
Heidi Kaila, Prime Minister's Office, tel. +358 2951 60313

fundamental rights


10.9.2019 – 11.9.2019


Mannerheimintie 13, Helsinki, Suomi