Europe and Africa: Neighbours with a shared future – Investing in people

In the years to come, Europe and Africa will share common challenges – security, climate change, inequalities, or demography. The good news, according to economists, is that there’s something we can do to alleviate the poverty stemming from these challenges: increasing funding for “human capital” – the health and education of young people.

Investing in human-centred policies, like the ones that the European Union has historically championed within its own borders, involve investments in basic human capital issues, such as primary education and access to vaccines. Addressing these issues are prerequisites in enabling the world’s poorest people and countries to fulfil their growth potential.

This event will discuss Europe-Africa partnership from a human development perspective. In an increasingly interconnected, multipolar world, working in partnership is more important than ever. In addition to themes such as trade, investment or security, partnerships such as the one between the European Union and the African Union are vital for meeting the world’s human development needs as well.

Organiser: Finland’s Permanent Representation to the EU together with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Contact person: Antti Kauttonen, [email protected]

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