EIGE's Gender Equality Index 2019

To present the latest developments in gender equality, EIGE is organising a full day conference, in cooperation with the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The Gender Equality Index 2019 will give an update of the state of gender equality in the European Union. It will compare the direction and pace of progress since 2005, give an insight to each country’s achievements and show areas for improvement. In addition to highlighting gender gaps, the Index also shows the different realities that people in our society are facing, depending on factors such as age, level of education, country of birth, disability and family type This year’s Index has a special thematic focus: work-life balance and its connection to gender equality.

Organiser: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health together with the European Institute for Gender Equality EIGE

Contact: Eeva Raevaara, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, eeva.raevaara(at)






Ministry of Social Affairs and Health