Tool Fair XIV – #know-how

Tool Fair is an international event funded by the Erasmus+ programme aimed at promoting non-formal learning and utilisation of various tools in international youth work. The event brings together youth work experts from all over Europe and beyond to discuss and learn from each other about innovative methods and best practices in the field of youth work.

This is the 14th edition of the Tool Fair – and the first to be held in Finland. This year’s theme is Youth Work Know-How (competences, approaches, pedagogies and practices), with a special focus on knowledge and education and related research. Participants will also have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with local youth services in Rovaniemi and various forms of Finnish youth work.

Organiser: Finnish National Agency for Education, in cooperation with the City of Rovaniemi Youth Services and the SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed Resource Centre

Contact: [email protected]


4.11.2019 – 8.11.2019


Elsewhere in Finland


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