Hybrid Conference: Critical connections, continuity and supply - Assessing the security of European critical infrastructure and functions in a hybrid threat context

The security of critical infrastructure and supply chains is a fundamental basis for the safety of society and the proper functioning of the economy. Safeguarding networks, nodes and supplies in the European Union and beyond is vital if Europe wants to protect all of its citizens and improve its economic and technological competitiveness. Yet today, critical infrastructure should not simply be characterised as transport networks or the provision of public services. In this digital era, we have to widen our definition to include digital networks, banking and finance and/as well as food and public health too. The Permanent Representation of Finland to the EU and the EUISS will bring together policy-makers, industry representatives and think tanks and academic communities for a high-level conference on critical infrastructure, continuity of critical functions and security of supply. The event not only seeks to raise awareness about the cross-border nature of supply and networks in Europe, but it also wants to encourage cross-border and cross-sectoral cooperation in the EU.

Organiser: Permanent Representation of Finland to the EU together with the EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS)

Contact: Axel Hagelstam, axel.hagelstam(at)