Future of Europe: Legacy of the Finnish EU-Presidency

The Future of Europe: Legacy of the Finnish EU-Presidency -seminar brings together esteemed speakers and politicians from Finland and Europe. After the EU-elections and at the end of the Finnish EU-Presidency, it is important to analyse the hot topics of European debate properly. The seminar will also be a transition towards the Croatian EU-Presidency, beginning in January 2020 as the last term of the Trio.
The seminar is held in Helsinki Music Hall on Thursday 7.11.2019 for 150 guests. The seminar is executed in collaboration with the European Parliament Liaison Office in Helsinki. The seminar is divided into three main segments:

1) Future of Europe: Fight for our Rights and Values

Finland – as a small member state – sees rule of law in international politics as one of the most important principles. A rules-based international order is an existential question for this country. Hence, Finland is aiming to push forward the commission’s proposal, where EU could suspend cohesion funds to countries where the rule of law is breached.
European values are under attack. The attackers come from within the European union as well as outside our boarders. Far-right political movements, national populism and the geopolitical turmoil caused by unstable superpowers challenge our value base. Hence, Finland has been a strong advocate of European values, such as peace and democracy.
The first segment of the seminar is focused on the fight for our rights and values.

2) Future of Europe: The Trio Programme

The Finnish EU-Presidency will soon come to an end and the transition towards the Croatian EU-presidency is under preparation as we speak. The Trio Programme of January 2019 to June 2020 started with Romanian EU-Presidency and will conclude during the Croatian term.
In this segment, the seminar is focused on the Trio Programme and we hear from Minister Tytti Tuppurainen and Mr. Josip Blujevic, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Finland. The audience will have a chance to ask questions.

3) Future of Europe: The New European Parliament

The last segment of the seminar to the members of the European Parliament, chosen in the election of 2019. As the new European Parliament gathers and starts to work for the future of Europe, the esteemed MEPs and NGO-leaders will discuss, what is the future of Europe from the perspective of the European Parliament.

The audience will have a chance to ask questions.

In addition, the EP Liaison Office in Helsinki will have the opportunity to present its activities to the 150 people audience during the seminar.

Aku Aarva
Toiminnanjohtaja | Executive Director
+358 41 432 6510


7.11.2019 15.30 – 19.30




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