Who is responsible for gender equality? Institutional mechanisms for gender equality in the European Union

Has the EU achieved its objectives on institutional mechanisms for gender equality? How much progress has been made? What challenges and priorities lie ahead?  Find out at EIGE’s full day conference, organised in cooperation with the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

EIGE will share with you the main findings of its study “Institutional mechanisms for gender equality and gender mainstreaming”. We will discuss trends with the Member States, European Commission, European Parliament and representatives of civil society organisations, social partners and academia.
Topics include:

  •  The future of gender equality: what are the goals and challenges for gender equality policies and gender mainstreaming?
  •  Mainstreaming gender in all policy areas: how to effectively integrate gender equality into the post-2020 EU strategy?
  •  What is the impact of changing budgets and structures for gender equality?

The seminar will contribute to discussions and future policy initiatives of the newly elected European Parliament, newly appointed European Commission and Member States.

Organiser: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health together with the European Institute for Gender Equality EIGE

Contact: Eeva Raevaara, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, eeva.raevaara(at)






Ministry of Social Affairs and Health