Critical tide: Invitation to the Opening Reception

To celebrate the Finnish Presidency of the European Council, Critical Tide exhibition will be on display at the European Committee of the Regions. The exhibition brings together projects and works that explore the sea and the potential for positive impact through design. Critical Tide will combine research, activism and community engagement within the exhibition space. At a time of deep ecological crises, Critical Tide will open our eyes to the urgent issues our oceans face and showcase creative ways of intervening.

The exhibition challenges visitors to experiment, learn and immerse themselves while calling for a complete redesign of our relationship with the seas. Critical Tide exhibition was created by a multi-professional and international team: Julia Lohmann (designer and professor at Aalto University, based in Helsinki), Pirjo Haikola (designer, scuba diving instructor and researcher at RMIT in Melbourne), Gillian Russell (designer, curator and researcher at Emily Carr University in Vancouver) and Gero Grundmann (designer and illustrator based in Helsinki).

The Critical Tide exhibition is supported by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, the Design Museum, Helsinki Region, Aalto University and Pharmaceutical Information Centre.

Location:  Paweł Adamowicz foyer on the 5th floor of the Jacques Delors building, Rue Belliard 99-101.


3.12.2019 9.00