Europe that Protects: Safeguarding Our Planet, Safeguarding Our Health

The conference focuses on how the environment and climate change affect human health and how human behaviour affects the health of the Earth. Decisions and actions are needed now: global warming and biodiversity loss are proceeding faster than anticipated a decade ago. Solutions need to be found to prevent or at least restrain climate change, air pollution and the harms caused by chemicals to people and nature. Food production, responsible use of forests and linking urban planning and wellbeing are essential themes in this work.

‘Nature Step towards Wellbeing’ – the effects of contact with nature and a variety of protective microbes – is a cross-cutting theme of the conference. Economic effects of planetary health and health threats will also be discussed.

Organiser: National Institute for Health and Welfare, in cooperation with other European research institutes and the EU Commission

Contact: [email protected][email protected]


3.12.2019 – 4.12.2019