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Media representatives covering the informal meetings of ministers held in Helsinki must complete their accreditation via the online accreditation system at the latest two weeks before the meeting starts. To allow sufficient time for security clearance, we invite you to complete your accreditation well in advance.

A single accreditation is sufficient to gain access to one or more informal meetings of ministers held in Finland and to the visits of the European Commission and the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament in Helsinki. Separate accreditation may be needed to other events during Finland's Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Accreditation for informal meetings of ministers in Helsinki 

How to get accredited for informal meetings of ministers 

Fill in your accreditation application and the request for security clearance and send both on the same day.


Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready in digital format before you start the online application process. Please note that the enclosures should not exceed 10 Mb.

  • One passport-size colour photograph in JPEG format (for the accreditation badge)
  • Scanned colour photocopy of the personal data page of your passport or identity card in JPEG, PNG or PDF format
  • Scanned colour photocopy of a valid journalist card for the EU institutions, if you have one, in JPEG, PNG or PDF format

Check that your details are correct. Confirm your details and send the application. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email.

You will receive a separate email informing you that your accreditation application has been accepted or refused. We recommend that you save this message, as you may need it when you collect your accreditation badge.

Security clearance

Media representatives with a valid annual accreditation to the EU institutions are not required to undergo a security clearance in Finland.

To finalise your accreditation application, you need to give all the information required for security clearance in a separate form in the online accreditation system. We advise you to fill in the form with care as incomplete or unclear applications will not be processed. You do not need to fill in all sections.

If you are not a Finnish citizen, your request must include a scanned photocopy of the personal data page of your passport.

There are some pre-filled sections in the request form. These are A1, A2, A3 and parts of A4. Do not change or delete these sections.

Fill in the following sections:

  • A4. Job title and Company/employer
  • B1. Personal details
  • B2. Contact information
  • C. Fill in this section if you have lived outside of your country of residence during the last 10 years
  • D. Notification and consent
  • E. Enclosures to the request: If you are not a Finnish citizen, put a cross in the box ‘Number of personal data pages of passport’ and give the number of the personal data pages you are enclosing to your request.

Print out the security clearance request form and sign it by hand, then scan the signed form and save the scanned file.

Send the request and enclosures, if any, as separate files by email to the Secretariat for Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU at [email protected]

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email.

Inquiries (security clearance): Teea Korppi, Administrative Assistant, tel. +358 295 160 076 and Mika Tikkanen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 160 088, Prime Minister’s Office

Collection of accreditation badges and security checks

Accreditation badges must be collected in person from the Government Registry, address: Ritarikatu 2 B. Tram 4 takes you to the closest tram stop, called ‘Ritarihuone’ on Aleksanterinkatu 10.

Badges are available for collection from 15 June to 24 September. The Government Registry is open from 7.30 to 16.15 on weekdays and from 7.30 to 21.00 on the day before an informal meeting of ministers and on the meeting days.

You need only one accreditation badge to access all the meetings for which you have received accreditation. If you already have an accreditation badge, you can have it re-activated at the Media Centre in Finlandia Hall.

Make sure to present the same identity card you entered as proof of identity in your accreditation application.

Your accreditation badge must be worn visibly at the venue at all times.

Please be prepared to present your identity card and undergo a security check on your arrival at the Media Centre.