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Visual identity – something borrowed, something new

EU2019FI logo

Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union aims to deliver successful and consistently sustainable arrangements. Non-material values and versatile digitalisation are also at the heart of the visual identity of the Presidency.

The visual identity has been designed by taking a ‘something borrowed, something new’ approach. The key visuals of the identity are an emblem that is based on the graphic emblem of Finland’s 2006 Presidency as well as a new EU2019.FI logo. The clean-cut design of the logo symbolises a consistent and sustainable way of getting things done.

Animated emblem livens things up

The design of the Presidency emblem originates from the emblem of Finland’s 2006 Presidency. Thematically, the image represents growth, cohesion and transparency.

Part of the emblem is always cropped out of view. Cropping the emblem and alternating between light and dark emblem versions can produce elements that give a consistent visual impression and that are suitable for different uses.

The emblem appears in its animated form whenever appropriate. The emblem animation can play a supporting role behind text and graphic elements, or a leading role as a dynamic animation.

Colour scheme focuses on blue

The colour scheme consists of two blues, a background blue, white and black as well as additional colours picked from the emblem. The colours used in typography, pictograms and graphics are primarily the bright blue and dark blue of the logo as well as white or black.

The font used in digital and printed materials is Azo Sans, a font that further supports the clean design of the logo.

The visual identity is the work of graphic designer Timo Kuoppala, who also designed the visual identity for Finland’s 2006 Presidency.

Graphic guidelines and logo