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The EU as a global leader in climate action 

Climate change is a major global problem that is threatening the living conditions of humans and all other living organisms and is causing serious loss of biodiversity. Climate change also affects the economy and security, because it could destabilise the essential conditions for life and lead to unrest, conflict and displacement of people. During its Presidency, Finland is emphasising the importance of raising the EU’s profile as a global leader in climate action. This can be accomplished by adopting a long-term climate strategy aimed at making the EU carbon neutral by 2050.

To make society climate neutral, we must reach a global balance between greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sinks as swiftly as possible. The transition to a climate-neutral Europe can also make the economy grow faster and improve competitiveness. By embracing a bioeconomy and circular economy, not only can we find solutions to help tackle climate change, but we can also open up new business opportunities and create jobs. 

Finland’s Presidency aims to  

  • continue the work on defining the key elements for the EU’s long-term climate strategy for 2050 in the European Council by the end of 2019 at the latest
  • encourage implementation of the energy union and promote emissions reductions 
  • drive forward the implementation of the Commission’s updated bioeconomy strategy
  • expand methods based on a circular economy into new sectors
  • support a Common Agricultural Policy that can better respond to climate change
  • take forward actions to implement the UN Convention on Biological Diversity
  • promote the sustainable use of natural resources and foster animal welfare
  • ensure that the programmes of the multiannual financial framework (2021–2027) help achieve climate objectives.

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