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Protecting the security of citizens comprehensively

Europe’s security is affected by many different factors, such as violence and conflicts taking  place in its neighbouring regions and resulting from violations of international law and human rights and the negative impacts of climate change.

To protect Europe, the EU must use all of its external action instruments, such as diplomacy, crisis management operations, trade policy and development aid. The EU must defend multilateral solutions and participate more effectively in conflict prevention and mediation, with a special focus on the valuable roles which can be played by young people and women.

The EU has a key role in promoting a comprehensive approach to security in Europe. The EU and its member states can make the EU a safer place to live by combating cross-border crime and terrorism, improving border management and reducing inequalities.

The overall internal security of the EU must be approached on a broad front, cooperating in areas such as crime prevention, law enforcement, border management and civil protection. It is time for the EU to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of its internal security strategy. In order to strengthen its response to possible threats to internal security, the EU first needs to identify these, keeping in mind the ever stronger links between internal and external security. 

The member states must prepare together for the potential threats of tomorrow.

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