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Comprehensive management of migration

Migration is a global phenomenon. To manage migration effectively, we need a comprehensive approach that takes into account both internal and external dimensions. The European Union with its wide range of tools and strong international role is clearly better equipped to address migration than a Member State alone.

The human rights-based asylum and migration policies are rooted in international treaties and conventions, cooperation between public authorities and effective control of the EU’s external borders, as well as appropriate and swift asylum procedures ensuring legal protection.

Finland’s Presidency aims to

  • make progress in adopting a common European asylum system
  • form an EU-wide resettlement system with sufficient financial incentives
  • closely monitor migration routes and maintain situational awareness
  • use all means at the EU’s disposal to establish an effective and sustainable return policy, including positive and negative incentives in trade, development and visa policies.

Strengthening the European Border and Coast Guard Agency will help member states to better control their borders and make the return of illegal immigrants more effective. The European Border and Coast Guard Agency therefore has a key role to play in securing both the Schengen area and the free movement of people.

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