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Multiannual financial framework: implementing the EU’s priorities

Finland’s Presidency will seek to finalise the Council negotiations on the multiannual financial framework (MFF) for the period 2021−2027 period. The aim is a balanced financial framework that reflects both new priorities and traditional policies that contribute to the common European objectives, and within the jointly agreed ceilings. The Presidency will seek the greatest possible progress in the MFF-related sectoral proposals.

It will also make every effort to ensure that the future modernised MFF will deliver on the political priorities of the EU. Enhanced conditionalities strengthen the effectiveness of EU funding. Funding should therefore be allocated on the basis of preconditions such as respect for the rule of law and managing migration.

Finland’s Presidency considers it important that the future MFF should

  • keep Europe at the forefront of research, development and innovation
  • focus cohesion policy even more strongly on promoting growth and competitiveness throughout Europe
  • ensure that agriculture can be practised profitably in all member states
  • reform and modernise the Common Agricultural Policy in response to the challenges of food safety, food security, climate change and environmental protection
  • ensure that sufficient funds are available for the internal and external dimensions of migration
  • take into account the strengthening of European defence cooperation
  • ensure that the MFF programmes clearly contribute to EU climate targets
  • provide a simple, transparent and fair overall solution for the system of own resources
  • reach a balanced solution among member states with regard to the revenue side of the budget.

The Finnish Presidency also aims to reach an agreement between the Council and the European Parliament on the 2020 budget. Both the implementation of the 2019 budget and the 2020 budget need to comply with the principles of sound financial management.

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