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Truck drivers reform: Coreper confirms provisional agreement on mobility package

EU2019FIMinistry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 20.12.2019 16.11
News item

A major step forward was taken today in securing key reform of the EU road transport sector, when the Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) approved a set of proposals – known as the mobility package – on drivers’ working conditions, special posting rules for drivers in international transport, access to the haulage market, and improved enforcement.

The new rules are designed to ensure a balance between improved working conditions for drivers and the freedom to provide cross-border services for operators, and will also contribute to road safety. In addition, they will provide much-needed clarity for the sector and put an end to uneven application of these rules between member states. A provisional agreement was reached between the Council presidency and the European Parliament on 11 December.

The rules we endorsed today are clear, fair and enforceable. They will improve working and social conditions for drivers, in a profession that needs to become more attractive. At the same time, we are creating more harmonised and stable business conditions for transport companies, many of which are SMEs. Smoother procedures and more uniform enforcement will make life easier for drivers, businesses and national authorities.

— Timo Harakka, Finland’s Minister for Transport and Communications